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BLOG - Bench mark CS3 After Effects on Power mac dual G5

This screen grab above shows the same file rendered by a 8 core G5 with 14Gbs of ram. 3Gbs of ram were saved for other applications, ram allocated per processor was 1Gbs and all eight processors were assign to the render on "2 - BenchTestOne" was 33 Sec's.

The Dual 2.7Ghz Power PC with 5 Gbs of ram, "1 - "BenchtestOne" render time is 3 min's 50 sec's. So more processors do make for a better render times.

I like to know the render time on a Dual 2.7Ghz Power PC with 8Gbs, project file (download here) and compare this with a Dual 2.7Ghz Power PC with 5 Gbs. As the question I am asking myself, do I buy the extra ram being 3Gbs to make it up to 8Gbs, or consider 12 core!

Some last thoughts on render times in After Effects, if your importing a photoshop file into A.E make it the same size as the comp. Keep the power setting to highest in "System Preferences" and if your low on ram with to many cores adjust them correctly. Purge all under edit in A.E and watch in activity monitor to make sure aeselflink is not still consuming ram, even when A.E has quit.